Galatea Farm

Super sized Menage.
Arena mirrors
Practice x country jumps.
Grass jump field
18 stables
10 acres
Farm house.

Our professional support team are truly amazing.  They all give us that ‘bit extra’, and their support is essential to our success. A huge thank you to them all.

VETERINARY: Three Counties Equine Hospital.
Chris Rea and the team have wonderful making themselves available for big and small issues, always happy to give advice.

Bradford’s Veterinary Physiotherapy.
Bradfords Physiotherapy.    
The team at Bradford’s is second to none! We use both the equine and the human practices who both have an exceptional team of professionals keeping us and our horses straight and strong.
Tim regularly visits us bringing an analytical yet level headed perspective with the dash of humour we all need.

FARRIER: Jonathan Nunn DWCF
Jon and his team provide precision shoeing. Always taking the time to do gait analysis before and after shoeing they pay attention to the minute detail.
Jon regularly competes and judges, truly loving his work, taking a pride in it we are ever grateful for!

SADDLER:  The Saddleman.
Andy Wheals takes care of our saddlery, regularly checking, fitting and adjusting all the saddles as required. Always giving the horses comfort priority Andy keeps all our horses happy.
Having been an event rider too Andy understands what is required and never fails to deliver!

Bonnie Williams:  Bonnie has trained Emily since she was a young girl. Her clear, concise and motivated teaching really get the dressage marks!  Bonnie is a dear friend as well as a highly valued trainer who instils confidence and support, often taking the time to attend competitions to input from the ground.

Alec Trickett and Philip Surl both train Emily for the jumping phases. Alec has been involved in Emily’s training since pony club, while Phillip has been introduced more recently through the ‘ Equine Pathway’. He is often available at some of the bigger events for course walking. Both trainers complement each other and continue to be an invaluable source of advice.